Update on Tasus Tax Abatement

This is an update from my post on the Draft Tasus Tax Abatement Memorandum of Understanding from 12/13/2011:

Last night, the Monroe County Council approved a tax abatement request from Tasus Corporation. Tasus requested and received a 10-year abatement on the new personal property taxes that would be assessed based on their intended purchase of a 1450 ton press and some related equipment. The company estimates that this investment will result in 7 additional jobs. The abatement passed 4-1, with councilors Dietz, Henegar, Kelson, and Langley voted in favor, and Thomas voted against. Councilors Hawk (illness) and McKim (out of town for work) were absent.  The Memorandum of Understanding with Tasus was accepted unmodified.

This abatement was almost identical to a previous abatement granted to Tasus in 2010, for their first 1450 ton press. The Tasus Abatement ERA 2010-10-12 Excerpt from Council Minutes, in which the Council votes (6-0, councilor Newmann is absent) to declare the Tasus property an Economic Development Area (ERA), which is the first step of the County Council in granting a tax abatement, gives some good background on the project. Tasus president Melanie Hart also gave the following presentation to the Council.

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