Update on Monroe County TIF Districts

Monroe County TIF Districts

After yesterday’s posts about Monroe County’s Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts, several readers asked for more details about the three districts. Here are maps and annual reports for each of the three TIF districts.

Westside Economic Development Area

The Westside Economic Development Area is also frequently referred to as the Richland TIF. It has been tremendously successful for Monroe County, and many business have located there, including Cook, Tasus, BioConvergence, Printpack, and GE. Ivy Tech is also located in the Westside TIF.


Annual Report

Bloomington Township State Road 46 TIF District

The Bloomington Township State Road 46 TIF District is also called North Park, or more informally, Criderville.There has been very little development in this TIF to date, and thus very little revenue. However, in this TIF, the developer is backing the bonds, so he is on the hook for any shortfalls in revenue.


Annual Report

Fullerton Pike Economic Development Area

The Fullerton Pike TIF was created to provide the infrastructure for and capture the increment from Monroe Hospital. It is actually the smallest TIF district in the state, at the moment.


Annual Report

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