2012 Budget Orders for Monroe County Released – Property Tax Rates for Monroe County

Monroe County and other local units of government in the county just received their budget orders from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. This is the official notice of state approval of the budget, property tax levies, and property tax rates for all funds that receive property tax revenues.

Overall the following table from the budget order shows the 2012 property tax rates for each taxing district in Monroe County (the tax rate from 2011 for each district is also shown for comparison).  The tax rate you see there (under “2012 District Rate”) is the sum of all of the tax rates for all of the units of government serving that tax district. So for example, the Ellettsville Bean Blossom Township taxing district is served by Monroe County Government, the Town of Ellettsville, Richland Bean-Blossom School Corporation, the Monroe County Public Library, Bean Blossom Township, and the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.

Taxing District 2012 District Rate 2011 District Rate Change % Change
Ellettsville Bean Blossom Township                       2.4539                          2.4182      0.0357 1.5%
Ellettsville Town                       2.4504                          2.4141      0.0363 1.5%
Bloomington City-Richland Township                       2.3710                          2.4348    (0.0638) -2.6%
Bloomington City-Van Buren Township                       1.9766                          1.9836    (0.0070) -0.4%
Bloomington City – Bloomington Township                       1.9395                          1.9472    (0.0077) -0.4%
Bloomington City-Perry Township                       1.9390                          1.9474    (0.0084) -0.4%
Stinesville Town                       1.7597                          1.8045    (0.0448) -2.5%
Bean Blossom Township                       1.6685                          1.7556    (0.0871) -5.0%
Richland Township                       1.6680                          1.7463    (0.0783) -4.5%
Bloomington Township                       1.4208                          1.4420    (0.0212) -1.5%
Polk Township                       1.3944                          1.4284    (0.0340) -2.4%
Van Buren Township                       1.3719                          1.3778    (0.0059) -0.4%
Salt Creek Township                       1.3506                          1.1716      0.1790 15.3%
Clear Creek Township                       1.3016                          1.3133    (0.0117) -0.9%
Perry Township                       1.2695                          1.2794    (0.0099) -0.8%
Indian Creek Township                       1.2017                          1.2144    (0.0127) -1.0%
Benton Township                       1.1679                          1.1893    (0.0214) -1.8%
Washington Township                       1.1583                          1.1868    (0.0285) -2.4%

The relative ranking of taxing districts by tax rate shouldn’t be too surprising. Incorporated municipalities all have higher tax rates than unincorporated areas, because the municipalities are also served by municipal governments in addition to the county, township, school, library, and solid waste management districts that serve everyone. Within the municipalities, Ellettsville districts have the highest tax rates by a long shot, followed by Bloomington, followed by tiny Stinesville. After the municipalities are the unincorporated areas. Bean Blossom and Richland Township tax rates are substantially higher than the others.

The primary reasons why both Ellettsville and unincorporated Richland and Beanblossom Townships have the highest tax rates is that the cost of their governments (particularly the Town of  Ellettsville and RBB School Corporation) are relatively high compared to their lower tax bases. The City of Bloomington and Monroe County Community School Corporation, for example, have a much higher tax base to support their budgets, which pushes the rates down. 

Also of note is that most districts’ tax rates went down from 2011 to 2012, reflecting primarily a substantial increase in assessed value.

In a future post, I will discuss the individual components of the tax levy that supports Monroe County Government.

The full Monroe County 2012 Budget Order is available here: Monroe County 2012 Revised Budget Order

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