Convention and Visitors Commission Meeting Packet for 2012-05-25

The meeting packet for the Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) quarterly meeting (May 25, 2012) is available here:

The most interesting element of this packet is the summary of the Innkeeper’s Tax (room tax) receipts for Monroe County (from 2006 to the present). We are up 14% from the same period last year, demonstrating that the tourism business remains robust here, and that we continue to be a very desirable place to visit.

Monroe County Parks and Recreation Releases 2011 Annual Report

Monroe County Parks and Recreation just released their annual report for 2011 (Monroe County Parks and Recreation 2011 Annual Report). I think a lot of Monroe County residents would be surprised at how much our county parks department does, and on a shoestring budget. I’m proud to live in a community that puts such a high value on quality of life amenities like parks!

Monroe County Council Meeting Preview – Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Monroe County Council will have a regular meeting tonight (Thursday, May 10, 2012), at 5:30 PM in Court Room 213 of the Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center.

The full agenda can be found here: 2012-05-10 Council Meeting Agenda

In addition there will be two new items that will be added to the agenda tonight from the floor:

  • A discussion of a resolution to create an energy conservation nonreverting fund to capture savings from energy conservation activities and solar credits
  • A very small (less than $5) budget transfer between categories to close out the solar panel grant

Here is a brief synopsis of the substantive items on the agenda tonight:

1. Resolution of the Monroe County Council Supporting Residents with Developmental Disabilities. I have written about this proposal before here. In short, this resolution will (1) correct a $67,000 auditor’s office error made in the 2012 budget funding Stone Belt and LifeDesigns by increasing  their levy by that amount in 2013 temporarily, and (2) will give these organizations the same cost of living increase that other Monroe County tax levies (such as the general fund levy) get.  This year, that increase would have been 2.9%.

2. Resolution creating an Energy Conservation Nonreverting Fund. This would create a fund that would automatically hold any revenues received by the county for solar credits and other similar incentives. It would also allow the council to assess any savings  at the end of the year from energy conservation activities, and transfer into this fund from the Rainy Day fund the amount saved. The fund could then be spent on further energy conservation investments of various kinds. I’ll write more about this resolution after the meeting.

3. Requests to fill open positions. The Courts, Correctional Center, Clerk’s Office, and Health Department are all requesting to fill open positions.

4. Health Department: the Health Department is requesting the creation of budget lines and appropriation of a grant for the Medical Reserve Corp.

5. Clerk’s Office: the Clerk’s Office is requesting an additional appropriation of $3000 out of the General Fund for bank service fees.

6. Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department is requesting the creation of a new budget line for litigation settlements. This stems out of an insurance settlement for an improper arrest, and should be an interesting discussion.

7. Community Corrections. The Community Corrections department is requesting $13,1666 out of the Cable Franchise Fees fund for the use of cable GPS and vehicle tracking technologies for community corrections field officers.

8. Community Corrections. The Community Corrections department is also requesting an amendment to the salary ordinance for their community corrections Department of Corrections (DOC) grant and for their user fees fund.

I’ll update this posting after the meeting.