County Budget Hearings Update

Tonight, the Monroe County Council heard budget submissions from the County Commissioners (a number of  budgets), the Recorder, and the Technical Services department, and also conducted binding reviews of Perry Clear Creek Fire Protection District and Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. Statute gives the County Council binding review over these two units because they are not governed by elected boards (although the board of the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District is made up entirely of elected officials, none of them were elected specifically to serve on the MCSWMD board).

Despite over 4 hours of discussion, the only changes made were to reduce the Commissioners budget by $20,000 (eliminating a request for Middle Way House — the Council preferred to see this request submitted to the Sophia Travis Community Service Grants Program) and to reject the proposal from the Recorder to move one position from the Recorder’s Perpetuation Fund to County General (a change that the Recorder himself came to budget hearings proposing, in the interest of helping us balance the budget).

We began budget hearings with $972,670 in budget requests over projected revenues. After two days of budget hearings we are still substantially short of needed cuts. The following changes have been made so far:

Reductions in Clerk’s Office  $(122,901.00)
Reductions in Commissioners  $(20,000.00)
Reduction in Recorder  $(40,967.05)

This leaves a projected deficit of $788,801. Despite a grueling 2 days, we are far away from our goal.

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