Possible Projects to be Included in Bond

Several days ago I wrote about a $2M General Obligation Bond that the County Council was considering for 2014 to fund a number of capital projects (Council Takes First Step Towards General Obligation Bond for 2014 to Fund Infrastructure).

We have received a list of projects proposed by the Commissioners for the bond, along with cost estimates (the original document is here: Possible Bond Projects with costs 2013-09-24).

  • Showers – waterproofing the foundation, – tuck pointing, window sill repairs–$305,100
  • Technology connectivity upgrade—$176,000
  • Waterproofing Courthouse Wall-$1,000,000
  • Vehicles- 2 for the Prosecutor’s office, 2 for the probation office – $83,282 (2 AWD Equinox and 2 IMPALAS)
  • Movement of offices from One City Center to Curry, Curry to Showers and CC.
  • Voter Reg/Absentee to Community Corrections:  $50,000.
  • Archive Project- 20,000.00
  • Jail remodel for medical ward–$270,000
  • Jail control Panel-$222,000
  • Karst Ellettsville connection Trail  $100,000
  • Proximity locks Community Corrections/Fire Suppression system:  $35,000.00
  • Additional siren $25,000
  • Ambulance purchase ?$150,000
  • Solar thermal System:  $185,000.

Total cost estimates well exceed $2M, so we will be receiving soon a prioritized list.

The Council will conduct a public hearing on this bond and vote on it (including the prioritized list of projects) at its 2013-10-08 meeting.

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