Preview of Today’s Monroe County Council Meeting (2014-06-10)

Monroe County Courthouse at Night
Monroe County Courthouse at Night

The agenda and packet for today’s regular meeting of the Monroe County Council is available here:


Following are the highlights of the agenda:

  • In what will be the primary substantive issue of the evening, the Council will be conducting compliance hearings for companies who have received tax abatements from Monroe County.
    • This is an annual process for all companies with tax abatements granted by the county that begins with submission of data from the abatement recipients (on investments made, jobs created, and the salaries of those jobs created).
    • This data is then reviewed by the County’s Economic Development Commission (EDC), a three-person citizen panel, who then makes recommendations on whether to find the companies in compliance with their proposals that they submitted when they applied for their abatements.
    • These recommendations are then presented to the Council, and the Council votes whether or not to find the recipients in compliance. This item is a specifically advertised public hearing, and will begin at 6PM. Tax abatement recipients are welcome to address the Council, as are any members of the public.
    • In recent years, the Council has begun making use of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), binding contracts between the abatement recipient and the county spelling out mutual expectations much more specifically than are found in the state statute governing tax abatements. For example, each MOU the Council has drafted specifically defines what “substantial compliance” is.
  • Nancy Richman, the executive director of Volunteers in Medicine, will be providing an update to the Council on VIM.
  • The Department of Stormwater Management is requesting an additional appropriation to purchase a utility truck.
  • The County Commissioners are requesting an additional appropriation from the Energy Conservation Non-Reverting fund for additional light bulbs and other energy-saving equipment.
  • The Prosecutor is requesting a small $600 transfer from their travel and training line for Adult Protective Services into hourly salaries.
  • The Probation department is requesting to refill a vacant Juvenile Probation Officer, the appropriation of a grant to fund the Drug Court Coordinator position, and the annual salary ordinance amendment for their Community Corrections grant.
  • The Youth Services Bureau is requesting appropriation of two grants, the Youth Services Bureau grant and the Safe Place grant.

As with all County Council meetings, this meeting is open to the public. Public comment will be taken at the beginning of the meeting, as well as in conjunction with all items on the agenda. The meeting will also be broadcast live on CATS. Hope to see you there!

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