Preview of Monroe County Council Meeting Today 2014-10-14

2014 Monroe County Council
2014 Monroe County Council

Today is going to be a big day for the County Council. I have already posted about today’s budget adoption first reading for Monroe County, Monroe County Solid Waste Management District, and Perry-Clear Creek Fire Protection District. But today’s meeting also includes a regular meeting of the Monroe County Council.

The following are the major items of substance on the agenda

1. The County Commissioners are requesting the approval of and appropriation of funds for a $2M general obligation bond for 2015 for capital expenses. This bond has a one-year term, and will be paid for during 2015 by a property tax levy. The County currently has a one-year $2M bond for 2014 that will be paid off by the end of this year, most of which was used for renovations on the courthouse. The Commissioners have not yet presented in detail the projects that the bond will be used for; however, the following is the general summary:

  • County buildings water retrofit — updating sinks, faucets and toilets to more energy efficient versions
  • Community corrections ramp system — replace current ramping system at the Johnson Hardware building with a concrete structure. This will provide better footing in inclement weather
  • Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center terrazzo upkeep
  • Replace 3 county vehicles
  • Highway fuel system
  • Tornado sirens (4)
  • Computer replacement and software for virtualization
  • Parking garage / infrastructure repairs or updates — this will be used to improve building efficiency and provide necessary capital for the proposed parking garage
  • HVAC retrofit for enhanced energy efficiency

2. The County Commissioners are presenting the 2015 amendment to the interlocal agreement between Monroe County, the City of Bloomington, and the Town of Ellettsville with respect to animal management. The interlocal agreement both allows the County to enforce animal control rules within the jurisdiction of the Town of Ellettsville and specifies the amount that both Ellettsville and Monroe County pay to the City of Bloomington for use of its animal shelter. Per the interlocal agreement, the costs of the animal shelter are divided up among the City of Bloomington, the Town of Ellettsville, and Monroe County depending on the number of animals brought to the shelter from each jurisdiction. The City of Bloomington absorbs the costs of animals brought in from other counties.

The following table illustrates the breakdown of animals brought into the shelter by jurisdiction, which is used to determine the fees paid in 2015 to the City of Bloomington by Monroe County and the Town of Ellettsville.

Animal Control 2013 Numbers
Animal Control 2013 Numbers

3. The County Council will be voting on its proposed 2014 awards from the Sophia Travis Community Service Grants program. The recommendations, totaling $110K for 2014, are made by the awards committee, consisting of three council members and two members of the public. The recommendations for 2014 are:

Sophia Travis 2014 Proposed Awards

4. The Youth Services Bureau and Probation are requesting the appropriation of an over $92K grant they received from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to implement the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) in Monroe County. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative is a bipartisan movement for juvenile justice reinvestment. The initiative involves the reallocation of government resources away from mass incarceration and toward investment in youth, families, and communities.

5. Court Services is requesting the appropriation of a $100K grant received for Title IV-D Parenting Time.

6. The Recorder is requesting an additional appropriation of around $15K in order to move two deputy recorders out of the Recorder’s Perpetuation Fund into the General Fund for the remainder of 2014. In my 2015 Budget Hearings Recap I wrote about this issue in more detail. The 2014 budget pays for three of the six employees of the Recorder’s office from the General Fund and three from the Recorder’s Perpetuation Fund. The budget for 2015 pays for five out of the six out of the General Fund. However, the Perpetuation Fund is expected to be depleted before the end of the year, so the Recorder is requesting that this change be made immediately, rather than in the beginning of 2015.

7. The Auditor is requesting an additional appropriation from the Plat Book fund for a special project.

In addition to these items, there will be a few requests for transfer of funds from one category to another, as well as a request from the Commissioners to refill a maintenance position.

This meeting will begin at 5:30PM today in the Nat U Hill Room of the Monroe County Courthouse, and public comment will be taken. As I mentioned in the Preview to 2015 Monroe County Budget Adoption earlier, this meeting will also be shared with the first budget readings for adoption of the 2015 budgets for Monroe County, Monroe County Solid Waste Management District, and Perry-Clear Creek Fire Protection District, and the regular meeting will be temporarily recessed at 6PM for the adoption hearings of the latter two units.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

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