I-69 Section 5 Synopsis Provided at Open House

logoLast night, I-69 Development Partners, the contractor hired by the Indiana Finance Authority to design, build, operate, finance, and maintain Section 5 of I-69 held a (contractually-required) open house to share with the public some more specifics about the I-69 Section 5 development plan. Construction is expected to begin on Section 5 literally any day now, and will be completed by the end of 2016.

I’ll comment on some specifics of the plan in future posts — but wanted to get out to the public who wasn’t able to make it to the open house a copy of a synopsis of the route and plan that was handed out at the open house. I find this an extremely helpful and informative summary of what is planned for each each access point (i.e., interchange, closure, overpass, bridge, sound wall, etc.), and was surprised that the HT didn’t include it in the article published today on the open house (unless I missed something): Tapp Road changes among updates at I-69 open house (HT subscription required).

The handout can be found here: I69 Section 5 Synopsis

Note: this is a scan of a paper copy I received; I’ll try to get an electronic copy to substitute.

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