Preview of Monroe County Council Meeting Today 2014-11-12

2014 Monroe County Council
2014 Monroe County Council

Today’s regular meeting of the Monroe County Council should be relatively short (I know, famous last words!). The meeting is being held tonight rather than last night because County Government was closed for Veterans Day.

The full packet for tonight’s meeting is available here: 2014-11-12 Regular Session Packet

Most of the agenda consists of appropriation of grants. The following items are on the agenda:

1. The Commissioners are requesting that the Council approve a resolution directing the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County to distribute $13,322 in income from the trust fund of around $350,000 held by the Community Foundation. This money will be distributed to the Monroe County Building Preservation Fund, which is used for preservation activities for Monroe County Government’s historic buildings.

2. The Health Department is requesting the appropriation of $31,792 in grant funding from the Indiana Family Health Council to allow the Futures Family Planning Clinic to hire a certified navigator for one year to assist clients in the Affordable Care Act (e.g., Obamacare) application process.

3. The Prosecutor’s Office is requiring an appropriation of $11,078 for a three-month extension of the current grant contract for two victim assistance assistants and the victim assistance director. The prosecutor is then requesting the transfer of $15,000 from the victim assistance salary lines in the general fund (as they are now being paid out of the 3-month grant extension) into the depositions line.

4. The Highway department has two requests. One is to create a line for the Bottom Road Bridge #21 project in the Cumulative Bridge Fund. The department will then transfer existing appropriation into that line.

The more interesting request is for an additional appropriation of $650,000 out of the Local Road and Street Fund (which is funded by gas and special fuel taxes). This will be used for the preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition associated with a planned reconstruction of Sample Road from Bottom Road to Old State Road 37 North. I’ve included a map that shows the corridor below. This is a Federal Aid highway project, which means that the Federal Government pays 80% of the costs and Monroe County pays 20%.

This project is necessitated by the inclusion of Sample Road as an interchange on I-69 Section 5 — the northernmost exit in Monroe County.

Sample Road Corridor
Sample Road Corridor

5. The Clerk is requesting the appropriation of a $10,333 grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to assist in ensuring that polling places are compliant with the Help America vote Act (HAVA).

6. The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District is requesting an additional appropriation of $255,000 for building improvements and machinery and equipment for the creation of a clean-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The clean-stream MRF will bail and market recyclables that have already been separated at one of the recycling sites around the county. This project has already been included in the adopted 2015 budget for the District. However, the District is requesting an additional appropriation out of THIS year’s budget to get started on the project early. We have been told that this does not increase the costs of the project, and that anything spent out of this year’s appropriation would then not need to be spent out of the 2015 budget (and in fact, the Council may choose to de-appropriate it).

Update: I just received the following breakdown of the $255K appropriation request from Larry Barker, executive director of the Solid Waste Management District:

Below is the break-out of the Clean Stream MRF Appropriations request of $255,000.

  • 40-44220 Building Improvements      $150,000
    •  60’X200’ steel building materials only,  $69,000  (this comes with a 30 year warranty).
    •  60’X200’ steel building erection only,    $57,000 ( this is a certified construction to comply with warranty).
    •  Concrete for footing and pad improvement $16,000. (estimated)
    •  Electrical for the steel building $8,000. (estimated)
  • 40-44390 Other Improvements           $3,000
    •  Recalibration and certification of existing weight scales.
  • 40-44430 Computer equipment          $2,000
    •  Computer, printer and software for scale house.
  • 40-44450 Machinery & Equipment Purchase/Lease  $100,000
    • Purchase of three (3) reconditioned auto-cycle Horizontal Balers with infeed Conveyors. $99,450 ( this includes installation, start-up, training and freight).
    • Electrical wiring for the balers. $550.00 (estimated) 

Although the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District is not a department of Monroe County Government, by statute the County Council has binding authority over its budgets, and so must vote on any appropriations.

This meeting will begin at 5:30PM today in the Nat U Hill Room of the Monroe County Courthouse, and public comment will be taken. The meeting will also be broadcast live on CATSTV (County Channel).

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