Unemployment Numbers for October 2014 Within Normal Fluctuation – And Better than Previous Years

Last June I took the Herald Times to task for writing an alarmist (and incorrect) story about a supposed unusual jump in unemployment in Monroe County: The June Doldrums for Monroe County Employment.

Today, the HT has a much more accurate and better-written article on the October 2014 unemployment numbers, that is still somewhat ominously-headlined: Monroe County Jobless Rates on Rise.

As I have said before, I really think they should include some visual data to put the numbers into better context.  As the following graph makes clear, the October uptick in unemployment for Monroe County is well within the typical seasonal pattern (the specific months of fall unemployment increase vary from year to year slightly) — and more importantly, all of 2014 is much better employment-wise than it has been for the past four years!

Monroe County Unemployment Rate 2010-2014 (October)
Monroe County Unemployment Rate 2010-2014 (October)

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