Proposed “New Terrain” Connection from Fullerton Pike to Gordon Pike

The public comment period on the Environmental Assessment for the proposed Fullerton Pike road improvement project ends this Friday, January 9, 2015. The project proposes covers the corridor from Rockport Road at the west to Sare Road at the east. I have posted about this project previously here and here.

Part of the proposed corridor includes approximately 0.8 miles of new terrain road (actually, running along an old farm road), connecting Fullerton Pike (at the west) to Gordon Pike (at the east). I walked the corridor yesterday afternoon, and am including a few pictures here, in my somewhat melancholic and ongoing interest in documenting corridors before they are forever transformed.

This map illustrates the “new terrain” portion of the proposed Fullerton Pike highway project that connects Fullerton Pike just east of Rockport Road to Gordon Pike. The map shows where I actually walked — and you can see a gap right at Clear Creek. It had just been raining hard, and the creek was too high to cross, so I had to turn back and approach the corridor from the other side.

Fullerton Pike to Gordon Pike Connection


This is where Gordon Pike westbound ends, right at the neighborhood called The Highlands.

End of Gordon Pike

The gravel lane leads west towards the Clear Creek Trail. My daughter Tessa wasn’t really that happy about walking in the cold! Even on a cold blustery day, I found something really beautiful about this narrow gravel lane.


My son joined on the hike as well.


From here the lane slopes down to the Clear Creek Trail (and Clear Creek). The proposed road project includes a bridge here, passing over the creek and the trail.


Here the creek was very high following a day of hard rains.


Here is Clear Creek from the west side.


The corridor then passes through farmland. At this point there is no visible remnant of a road, other than the utility easement.




The gravel road returns to the west.


The gravel road finally connects up with Fullerton Pike to the west.


Despite the bitter cold and windy day, it was a really a lovely hike through a rural trail that will likely not be part of our landscape in the next few years.

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