2015 Monroe County Budget Order — Property Tax Rates and Budgets Approved

Monroe County Courthouse at Night
Monroe County Courthouse at Night

Yesterday, Monroe County received its budget order for 2015 from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. This means that the Department of Local Government Finance has approved for Monroe County:

  • The budgets for all taxing units (i.e., county, cities and towns, school districts, townships, public library, special units)
  • The property tax levies and tax rates for all taxing units
  • The property tax rates for each taxing district (i.e., the tax rates that actually affect each property owner)

As with last year, the  budget order doesn’t really offer any big surprises. Rates for some taxing districts have gone up slightly, and others have gone down slightly. As in previous years, tax rates in Ellettsville taxing districts are highest in the county (other than the tiny commercial-only piece of Richland Township that is in the City of Bloomington corporate limits). Bloomington tax rates are next, though still substantially lower than those in Ellettsville. Tax rates in the unincorporated areas, not surprisingly, are the lowest, with those in Washington Township still the lowest in Monroe County.

Several weeks ago I produced a chart that shows the overall tax rates for all of our taxing districts along with the individual unit tax rates that make up the overall rate, using 2014 data. I’ll produce a new chart with 2015 data shortly.

The full budget order can be found here: Monroe County 2015 Budget Order

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