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My name is Geoff McKim, and I currently serve as an at-large representative on the Monroe County Council in Indiana.  I created this blog to keep the public informed about developments in local government, particularly developments that are less likely to receive the attention of the traditional media.

You can find out more about me at my personal Facebook page and about my (successful) re-election campaign on my campaign Web site.

5 thoughts on “About Geoff McKim

  1. Thanks for posting this info. Much appreciated. It seems the HT is not covering budgets very closely, so your blog is helpful.

  2. Geoff: I really appreciate your website. Maybe that you could help me gather information as to how money is being allocated here in Indiana, especially as concerns transportation.

  3. One of the most knowledgeable and conscientious elected officials whom I’ve had the pleasure of observing. In fact it’s a pleasure to just know him.

  4. Hi Geoff. Let me start off by saying how appreciative I am for your incredibly informed and invested representation of our community. I learn so much from anything you say….
    We live in Tamarron, and I’m suddenly worried that with the pedestrian narrowing we may lose our vital left turn lane into our subdivision going east. I called awhile back to complain about how fast westbound 45 traffic comes over the hill and drifts into our little left turn lane, and they redid the left turn lane paint and put up signage at the top of the hill coming into town, so I’m hoping this is on their radar. If we do lose the lane, we suddenly live in a fairly dangerous neighborhood!

    Do you know anything about the parameters of this project? The crossing is DESPERATELY needed, really wish it had happened before my last kid left home last fall! Just hoping it won’t increase a different danger….

    Thanks so much for any info,

    Mary Peckham

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