Karst Farm Greenway Plans Advance

Great news for the Monroe County active transportation network! Monroe County Government received final certification from INDOT that the right-of-way for Phase 1 of the Karst Farm Greenway has been completely acquired. This means that bids can be opened on July 10, 2013, with construction to follow immediately thereafter. If the weather cooperates, we could be using the trail by the end of the year.

Karst Greenway Phase 1The Karst Farm Greenway will form the north-south backbone of the County’s active transportation network. Phase 1 will run from Karst Farm Park at the south to Vernal Pike at the north, and will connect many sites and amenities on the west side of the county, including Karst Farm Park, Grandview and Highland Park Elementary Schools, Ivy Tech State College, the Indiana Center for the Life Sciences, and the new YMCA.

Karst Farm Greenway Phase 1
Karst Farm Greenway Phase 1
















This moment has been long in the making. The trail should have been under construction by 2010 — but several complicated land acquisition issues delayed it for several years. Plans for Phase IIA — the next phase of the trail that continues north to Loesch Road are proceeding much more quickly. In any case, this milestone means very good news for the residents of Monroe County!




Indianapolis is Considering a Complete Streets Ordinance

I was pleased to see, per IndyStar columnist Matthew Tully in today’s Indianapolis Star, that Indianapolis is considering a Complete Streets ordinance:


Complete Streets is a transportation policy framework in which road networks are built with the needs of ALL system users in mind, including automobiles, bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, public transit users, users of all ages and abilities, etc., and is focused in making our cities, towns, and neighborhoods more safe, healthy, and livable. This is obviously a major policy shift from traditional public works engineering principles that are geared around moving as many cars from one point to another point.

The Complete Streets Coalition provides additional information about the benefits of complete streets policies, and provides some model policy language.

Indianapolis is not in the vanguard, however, with its Complete Streets. Several other Indiana cities have already passed their own Complete Streets ordinances: