Where are the property taxes highest or lowest? 2014 Tax Rates by Taxing District in Monroe County

As we wait for our final budget order (and property tax rates) for Monroe County for 2015, I started playing around with different ways to present property tax rates for the various taxing districts and taxing units in Monroe County, and came up with the following chart. This chart show the total property tax rate (per $100 of net assessed value) for each taxing district in Monroe County. A taxing district is a geographic area in which the property tax rates are the same. The total property tax rate for each district is broken up by the contribution of each type of taxing unit to the total. Types of taxing units include the county, municipalities (Bloomington, Ellettsville, Stinesville), school corporations (MCCSC and RBBSC), townships, fire protection districts (Perry-Clear Creek Fire Protection District), public library, waste management, and transportation (public bus).

Property Tax Rates by Taxing District

I’ve ordered the taxing districts from highest to lowest rate. The conclusions are pretty straightforward — you pay higher property taxes in municipalities than in unincorporated areas, and that Ellettsville property tax ratesĀ are higher than Bloomington’s. The lowest property tax rates in Monroe County are in Washington Township, in the north-central part of the county.

Here is the table of data that I used to generate the chart:

2014 Property Tax Rates by Taxing District

I have previously written about taxing districts and property tax rates in my update on the 2014 Monroe County Budget Order.